New Poll: California Voters Overwhelmingly Favor Proposition 30, the Clean Air Initiative


July 28, 2022

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PPIC Statewide Poll Shows 63% of Likely Voters Support Bid to Fight Climate Change

Sacramento, CA – A new independent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California shows overwhelming support for Proposition 30 and its efforts to curb wildfires, reduce vehicle emissions and fight climate change. 63% of likely voters supported the initiative, with only 35% opposing. According to the poll, California voters are acutely aware of the dangers posed by climate change and our hazardous air quality, and are hungry for further action: 71% of voters said it was very or somewhat important for California to act on the forefront of global efforts to fight climate change. 83% of Democratic voters support Prop 30, as well as a strong majority of independents at 63%.

“This poll makes it absolutely clear voters support Prop 30 and the actions it would take to fight the climate crisis,” said Max Baumhefner, Senior Attorney on Climate and Clean Energy at the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund. “Between devastating wildfires and historic droughts, Californians know we are at a decisive moment. Now is the time to pass Prop 30 and make dedicated investments to get wildfire smoke and tailpipe pollution out of the air.” 

“Look around: it’s not a secret. Every person in California understands that the wildfire situation is a crisis that impacts every one of us, destroying communities, ruining our watershed and making our air unbreathable,” said Tim Edwards, President of CAL FIRE Local 2881. “Obviously, it’s time to do something.” 

The poll also reported that eight in ten Californians see climate change as a very or somewhat serious threat to our economy and quality of life. 

The Clean Air Initiative will restore California’s clean air and fight climate change by dramatically reducing two of our largest sources of emissions: transportation and wildfires. It will jumpstart the state’s transition to clean transportation by making zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) more affordable for low- and middle-income families and expanding the network of ZEV charging stations. Prop. 30 will also fight wildfires with historic investments in early detection, firefighter training and staffing, and forest management.

Clean Air California is a broad coalition of environmental and public health groups, labor and business throughout the state. Members include California Environmental Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the American Lung Association, the California Democratic Party, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Lyft, the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, CAL FIRE Local 2881, and many more.

The PPIC poll was conducted in English and Spanish in the field from July 8-15. 1,648 Californians were surveyed, and narrowed down to 1,132 likely voters. The poll has a margin of error of 3.4%. Further details, including a full methodology, can be found here.

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