California is falling far short of zero-emission vehicle goals to fight climate change.

1.  Reporting from Axios reveals how far behind California is in the race to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

  • Adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), one of our best tools for reducing carbon emissions, is severely behind the desired “tipping point.”
  • California has set a goal of 100% of new car sales being ZEVs by 2035, but ZEVs account for less than 2% of all vehicles on our roads today. 

2.  Also this: a new independent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California shows 63% of likely voters support Prop 30 and its plan to curb wildfires and reduce vehicle emissions, with only 35% opposing.

  • Additionally, 71% of respondents were in favor of voters making laws and changing public policies about environmental issues by passing initiatives.

Prop 30, the Clean Air Initiative, will restore California’s clean air and fight climate change by dramatically reducing our two greatest sources of emissions — transportation and wildfires — by accelerating the state’s transition to clean transportation and fighting wildfires.

The Clean Air California coalition supporting Prop 30 has experts on California wildfires, public health, air quality, environmental justice, and climate change available to speak with the press. Contact Deborah Camiel at 818-299-3656 or

For more on Prop 30, go to YESon30.