Butte County Political and Labor Leaders Kick Off Campaign for Proposition 30, the California Clean Air Initiative


Sept. 21, 2022

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Statewide Ballot Measure Would Fund Climate Action, Firefighting

CHICO, CA – With record heat, wildfires and poor air quality plaguing California, Butte County political and labor leaders launched the campaign for passage of Proposition 30, the California Clean Air Initiative, today in Chico.

Speaking in support of the measure in Chico were: Joe Ten Eyck, retired firefighter Chief Officer; Democratic Action Club of Chico Chair and retired nurse David Welch; Bill Monroe, Regional Director, CA Democratic Party, District 1E; and California Assembly District 3 candidate and Camp Fire survivor David Leon Zink.

Proposition 30 is the climate action ballot initiative that will help millions of Californians afford an electric vehicle, create a statewide EV charging network, and reduce catastrophic wildfires. The measure generates approximately $100 billion over 20 years for these critical programs by taxing only those who can most afford it — Californians with personal income over $2 million per year. 

Last month, the California Air Resources Board approved a measure requiring all new cars and light trucks sold in the state by 2035 to be zero-emission vehicles. Proponents said the measure will jumpstart the statewide transition to clean vehicles by making zero-emission vehicles more affordable through rebates, grants and financial assistance. Half of the funding will benefit low-income families and those in disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately impacted by air pollution. 

In addition, Proposition 30, which is backed by CAL FIRE State Firefighters Local 2881, invests nearly $1 billion per year in the prevention and control of wildfires. It includes funding for forest management, more firefighters, and firefighting equipment.

Proposition 30 is endorsed by a broad coalition of health, labor, business, environmental, and firefighting groups. Supporters include the American Lung Association, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the California Democratic Party, and the State Building and Construction Trades of California. 

“The scars of the Camp Fire in Paradise linger on here in Chico,” said David Leon Zink. “Like many others, I lost my home in that devastating fire. The Camp Fire leveled my community — 90% of structures in Paradise were lost in the blaze. Butte County records find that many of the unhoused population here in Chico were my neighbors in Paradise. A wildfire can take away someone’s home and rob them of their livelihood. Prop 30 provides CAL FIRE with the long-term funding necessary to take a preventative approach to forest management and avoid the next Paradise. I urge you to vote yes this fall.”

“Four years ago, the Camp Fire burnt through Paradise, less than 20 miles away,” added Joe Ten Eyck. “It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in modern Californian history and the most expensive natural disaster in 2018. The toll this kind of wildfire exacts is huge, on a community and on the brave men and women of CAL FIRE too. We’re stretched too thin and we need more resources: crews to help relieve tired firefighters on the front lines, equipment, and time during the off season to reduce fuel and create breaks so that we can prevent massive wildfires in the future. Of the roughly $100 billion Prop 30 will bring in to fix our air quality, 20% will go to CAL FIRE so we can help our communities be more resilient and prevent devastating wildfires.”

For additional background on the ballot initiative, visit  www.yeson30.org.

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