Inland Empire Environmental, Political and Labor Leaders Kick Off Campaign for Proposition 30, the California Clean Air Initiative, in Riverside

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Statewide Ballot Measure Would Fund Climate Action, Firefighting

RIVERSIDE, CA — With wildfires, poor air quality, and record heat plaguing California, environmental, political and labor leaders launched the campaign for passage of Proposition 30, the California Clean Air Initiative, today at IBEW Local 440 headquarters in Riverside. 

Speaking in support of the measure were: Riverside City Councilwoman Clarissa Cervantes; James Rush, Business Manager, IBEW 440; Matt Abularach-Macias, Deputy Campaigns Director, California Environmental Voters; Denny Zane, Policy Director, Move LA; Democratic Party Interim Secretary Diana Love; Alicia Aguayo, Communications Manager, People’s Collective for Environmental Justice; and Ana Gonzalez, Executive Director, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice.

Proposition 30 is the climate action ballot initiative that will help millions of Californians afford  electric vehicles, create a statewide EV charging network, and reduce catastrophic wildfires by funding forest management, more firefighters, and firefighting equipment. The measure generates approximately $100 billion over 20 years for these critical programs by taxing only those who can most afford it — Californians with personal income over $2 million per year. 

Last month, the California Air Resources Board approved a measure requiring all new cars and light trucks sold in the state by 2035 to be zero-emission vehicles. Proponents said the measure will jumpstart the statewide transition to clean vehicles by making zero-emission vehicles more affordable through rebates, grants and financial assistance. Half of the funding will benefit low-income families and those in disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately impacted by air pollution. 

In addition, Proposition 30, which is backed by CAL FIRE State Firefighters Local 2881, invests nearly $1 billion per year in the prevention and control of wildfires. It includes funding to hire more state firefighters, support forest resilience programs, and improve fire safety infrastructure.

In support of the measure, Riverside City Councilwoman Clarissa Cervantes said, “The Inland Empire is nestled between a major transportation corridor and a massive network of warehouses. The cars and trucks that linger on these freeways emit a constant stream of gas and diesel emissions, poisoning our lungs. If we fail to act, the results will be disastrous for our state and communities. In a car-centric region like the Inland Empire, we must take action in order to meet the electric vehicle or climate mandate by 2035. That’s why local leaders like myself are standing behind Proposition 30.”

“The California Democratic Party is proud to stand as endorsers of Proposition 30,” said Diana Love, Interim Secretary of the California Democratic Party. “38 out of 39 million Californians are breathing unhealthy levels of air pollution according to the American Lung Association, which is a fellow endorser of Prop 30. Prop 30 will restore our clean air for generations of Californians to come.” 

“I know the story of the Inland Empire. I grew up here and breathed polluted air as a child in the mid-century,” said Denny Zane, Policy Director of Move LA. “Since then, our expansion of online commerce and increased globalization have only added to the warehouses and in turn, the air pollution of the Inland Empire. It’s for this reason among many others that in 2020, Move LA joined with SPUR to create Prop 30. We have spent years mindfully shaping this ballot initiative according to future health and environmental outcomes, because here’s the thing: there’s one planet. We’re in it together. We have to take the steps to ensure that climate change is abated and reversed.”

Proposition 30 is endorsed by a broad coalition of health, labor, business, environmental, and firefighting groups. Supporters include the American Lung Association, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the California Democratic Party, and the State Building and Construction Trades of California. 

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