Multimillion-Dollar Statewide Ad Campaign Highlights Wildfire Crisis and Urgent Need to Reduce Emissions


September 15, 2022

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Multimillion-Dollar Statewide Ad Campaign Highlights Wildfire Crisis and Urgent Need to Reduce Emissions

Sacramento, CA – The Yes on 30 campaign launched its first TV ad “Wildfire Crisis” today, emphasizing the critical need to invest in wildfire prevention and response, reduce tailpipe emissions, and clean up California’s dirty air. The multimillion-dollar ad campaign will air statewide, informing voters about how Prop 30 will prevent wildfires and reduce tailpipe emissions to ensure Californains have clean air to breathe. 

“As a CAL FIRE firefighter, I know firsthand how urgently we need more resources to hire and train new firefighters. Prop 30 will allow firefighters to respond more effectively under fire conditions that have grown worse each year. It ensures that we will have the funding to hire firefighters, create defensible spaces, clear brush, and respond before wildfires get out of control. Wildfire seasons are intensifying over time, and I worry about what next year brings if we don’t seriously invest in our response capacity,” said Tim Edwards, President of CAL FIRE Local 2881.

The ad reminds voters of the risk of catastrophic wildfires and the urgent need to clean up our air. California has the worst air pollution in the country, the main sources of which are wildfires and tailpipe emissions. Prop 30 will jumpstart the state’s adoption of ZEVs and expand our charging network, keeping ZEVs affordable and accessible to all Californians.

“Californians face some of the worst air pollution challenges in the country, and the increase in extreme wildfires is a key reason why we continue to have the most particle-polluted cities in America,” said Will Barrett, National Senior Director of Clean Air Advocacy with the American Lung Association. “Voting yes on Proposition 30 gives voters the chance to demand more resources to help prevent and appropriately respond to catastrophic wildfires and to promote cleaner, healthier air for all California families.”

Voters overwhelmingly support action to fight climate change, prevent wildfires, and reduce tailpipe emissions. This new ad campaign will ensure that every Californian knows that Prop 30 is the path forward to cleaner air and a safer California. 

Clean Air California is a broad coalition of environmental, labor, public health, environmental justice, and business groups throughout the state. Members include the American Lung Association, CAL FIRE Local 2881, the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, the Natural Resources Defense Council, California Environmental Voters, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Lyft, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, and many more.

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