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Wealthy Bay Area residents fuel effort to defeat California’s ballot measure on electric cars. Here are the top donors

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Despite the Bay Area’s eco-friendly reputation, donors from the region are bankrolling the campaign against Proposition 30, which would raise taxes on the wealthiest Californians to speed up the state’s transition to electric cars. Opponents of the measure have raised more than $14 million so far. They include some of San Francisco and Silicon Valley’s most well-known billionaires, venture capitalists, CEOs and developers.

California’s Proposition 30 Would Put the Transition to Clean Transportation in the Fast Lane

In the News : Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change in California isn’t a future threat; we are already dealing with extreme drought and destructive wildfires. We need to slow global warming, and to do so we must greatly reduce emissions from passenger cars and trucks. In California, these vehicles produce more than one quarter of the state’s human-caused emissions, more than agriculture and commercial and residential buildings combined.

Proponents launch campaign for passage of Proposition 30

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Supporters call it the “Clean Cars and Clean Air Act,” and they say after decades of breathing polluted air, Kern County residents deserve to breathe air that won’t make their children sick and shorten the lives of their parents and grandparents.

Why is Newsom against Prop 30? Most CA Democratic leaders support it

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Political ad season is in full force. You may have seen pushes for Prop 30, a tax increase on people making more than $2 million per year — to fund climate programs. Prop 30 has also won endorsements from most of California’s Democratic establishment — state and local chapters of the party, plus mayors of LA, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.