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Wildfires have burned 5.6 million acres in the U.S. this year, and concerns are growing amid a heat wave

In the News : NBC

“California hasn’t had a typical megafire with six-figure acreage this year, but vast blazes across the U.S. have combined to make 2022 a contender for one of the most incendiary years in the last decade. The week’s ongoing heat wave, expected to produce stifling conditions and triple-digit temperatures for parts of the Southeast, the Northwest and some regions in between, has the potential to help spark or grow additional fires.”

‘That’s how people die in wildfires’: How Wine Country’s fancy new resorts could increase fire risk

In the News : San Francisco Chronicle

“This massive expansion of the tourism industry comes at a contentious time. Environmental experts say that such development greatly increases the risk of wildfires, yet visitor demand in Wine Country is high. Some of these resorts have undertaken exhaustive and expensive fire mitigation measures to protect their properties and guests, but it might not be enough.”

Wildfire Smoke Is Terrible for You. But What Does It Do to Cows?

In the News : Wired

“Scientists know how this smoke affects human health, exacerbating asthma and other respiratory problems, but they know almost nothing about other species. As wildfires grow bigger and more intense, researchers are racing to figure out how birds, nonhuman primates, and livestock might be suffering—and the early results are troubling.”

Heat-relief merits red-hot priority status statewide

In the News : Cal Matters

Imagine spending days and nights in triple-digit heat with no air conditioning, shade or a fan. The unrelenting heat makes the inside of your apartment or house feel like an oven. Sleep is impossible. If you don’t get relief, discomfort can accelerate into headaches and vomiting, seizures and coma, even death. Many Californians don’t have to imagine inhumane conditions like these. It is what they live — especially those in low-income communities.

California’s Oak Fire has expanded rapidly as it scorches more than 16,000 acres near Yosemite National Park

In the News : CNN

“A ferocious wildfire outside California’s Yosemite Park is “moving extremely fast” and limiting the amount of time authorities have to warn area residents to evacuate, a state fire official said. “The fire behavior that we’re seeing on this incident is really unprecedented,” Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jon Heggie said of the Oak Fire, which has exploded to more than 16,700 acres and destroyed at least seven structures.”