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Exploring the link between wildfire smoke and cancer risk

In the News : UC Davis

“UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center funds two pilot studies to examine impact of smoke from fires. Within the last six years, Californians have witnessed a troublesome trend in wildfires. Not only are wildfires larger, more frequent and more severe than prior years, they’re increasingly closer to home, crossing into a boundary known as a wildland-urban interface. It is this boundary, where wilderness meets civilization, which is of special interest to research scientists.”

All volunteer firefighting crew protects Big Sur from wildfires

In the News : KSBW 8

“As fire season continues in California, volunteer firefighters in Big Sur say they’re on high alert. With a staff of 18 volunteer firefighters, Big Sur Fire protects 60 miles of coastline and 106,000 acres of the Los Padres National Forest. The department is equipped with three fire engines, two water tenders and plenty of medical and rescue equipment. Equipment and operations costs are almost entirely funded by state grants, individual donations and fundraisers like the Big Sur Marathon.”

Californians See Air Pollution as a Problem and a Health Threat

In the News : Public Policy Institute of California

“In November, Californians are set to vote on Proposition 30—which would increase taxes on those earning over $2 million to help fund zero-emissions vehicles and wildfire prevention. So, just how big of a problem is air pollution in the minds of Californians? According to PPIC’s most recent survey, 78% of adults and 73% of likely voters say air pollution is a problem, with about three in ten saying it’s a big problem.”

Does Wildfire Smoke Cause Lung Cancer?

In the News : New York Times

“At the time, Dr. Nadeau said in a public panel that being outside and breathing that air was similar to smoking seven cigarettes a day. But now, she said she believes that the health effects of breathing heavy wildfire smoke is probably worse. “Cigarettes at least have filters,” said Dr. Nadeau, who directs the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University.”

California Has an Electric Car Rebate Problem

In the News : Kelley Blue Book

“Funding for many of the programs ran out for the year in April. Others have closed their waitlists because they have more applicants than they can handle. Prices are a problem, too. Tulare resident Quentin Nelms told the Ventura County Star that he was approved for a grant of $9,500 toward purchasing a Ford Mustang Mach-E, but the price increased by $10,000 while he waited for the check. That left him unable to afford the car even with the grant’s help.”

As wildfire disasters multiply, evacuation planning lags

In the News : Marketplace

“There have been record high temperatures across the globe lately. And with high temperatures comes high risk of wildfires. “If you live in or near the wildlands, wildfires will probably happen in your area,” the National Interagency Fire Center wrote in its latest report. But as a global community, we’re behind where we need to be when it comes to planning for and effectively evacuating people who live in wildfire-prone areas.”