What People are Saying

  • Tim Edwards

    “Wildfires in California are changing the way we live for the worse. The wildfires we are witnessing now have become a hazard to public health, are ruining our air and endangering our watershed, and destroying homes and businesses. Cal Fire Firefighters support this initiative because it provides an immediate, reliable and significant investment to prevent wildfires in our state so Californians will have clean air to breathe.”

    Tim Edwards
    President, Cal Fire Firefighters

  • Veda Banerjee

    “The Clean Air California Coalition’s bold vision cuts right to the heart of the climate crisis in our state: emissions caused by our reliance upon gasoline-powered cars and the disastrous impact of wildfires. And so far, the biggest threats of this crisis have been shouldered by the most underserved populations. With unprecedented investment that will last up to a generation, we can finally mount a sustained attack against these twin polluters and deliver on the promise of climate justice for all. We heartily support this historic approach––one that embraces science and builds equity––and look forward to our partnership within this coalition.”

    Veda Banerjee
    Communications Director, California Environmental Voters

  • Bill Magavern

    “Most Californians continue to regularly face choking levels of smog and soot, and failure to meet healthy air standards could mean a loss of federal transportation funds. The state is not on track to meet our 2030 standard for reducing climate-changing pollution, largely because transportation emissions have stayed stubbornly high. With our lungs under assault from the coronavirus respiratory infection, we – now, more than ever – need to protect Californians from lung-searing emissions. The urgency of our air pollution and climate crises demand that we clean up our vehicles rapidly.”

    Bill Magavern
    Policy Director, Coalition for Clean Air